UNDER $10 WINE WEDNESDAY – Relax Riesling.

riesling under $10

As promised, I am back with another bottle of wine under $10 that’s not total shit!

Not sure about you, but I have been craving that summer time wine. San Diego is seriously lagging in the sunshine department.. SO if I can’t have sunny weather quite yet, I will break out the summer wine and play pretend I’m at a BBQ in my bikini.

I ALSO don’t know about you, but I find that Riesling is a bit more on the rare side for finding such an inexpensive bottle. I have searched and searched and finally come out on the other side successful.

This particular bottle was $8.99 and I found it at Target, which has some really good, really cheap wine, btw.

Not only is the bottle VERY cute and insta-worthy, it is actually really fucking good. It looks like a chic bottle of sparkling water, but it’s wine so it’s automatically chic-er. A great handbag wine that may dismiss some judgmental glares. That’s where my head is at, folks. (a real wine-o)

I love Riesling for it’s ripe acidity, with it’s finish of sweet peaches. Riesling reminds me of the wine version of Sour Punch Kids candy.. Sour at first, then sweet. This bottle surely does not disappoint with it’s extremely refreshing taste, and delicate body.

All you’ll need is some sunshine, and maybe a goat cheese + cranberry salad, and you are in literal heaven.


Do you enjoy Riesling? What’s your favorite summer time wine? Let’s chat in the comments. xx




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