Can you imagine a world where all of our favorites wines come in carry away?

arielle meads

Well, look no further. Fortunately for us, we live in a wonderful world where us wineo’s can share our love for vino literally anywhere. This new trend of mini bottles and beach friendly wine cans is taking the industry by storm, and I am all about it.

Not only do these have arguably the most adorable packaging on the market, but they are super inexpensive and super delicious. This has been my first summer really taking advantage of the wine can craze and I have to say, I am a huge fan. Each can contains roughly 12% ABV so you know exactly how much you have already drank and when it is time to slow your roll. I’m so glad the wine community has finally caught on to the beach and park friendly aluminum because sometimes I am just sick of beer. Wine cans are a great way to join the fun in our bubbly wine way.

Another fantastic thing about these is they are pretty indestructible. Throw them in your bike basket, beach bag, boyfriend’s pockets. They have the classy taste we love and appreciate with the rugged beer can style.

Let’s not forget about our trusty wine juice box! I freaking love these. They always get a laugh out of people when I pair them with a little umbrella straw. (which I try to do every single time.) These tend to have a more of the box wine taste (obviously) but they are still great in a pinch. And I have found these for under $5!

These mini bottles are my favorite thing to bring to a party if you do not plan on sharing. Not in any sort of rude way, but you know what I mean. Sometimes it’s simply BYOB and these are the perfect amount of wine to not get too loose at an event. Half a bottle of wine, I’m feelin’ just fine.

What are your favorite ways to take your wine to go?
♥ Arielle


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