Under $10 WINE WEDNESDAY – Bistrot de France, Red Wine 2016

pourstyles wine wednesday

Introducing a new segment on Pourstyles – Wine Wednesday! Once I week, I choose my favorite bottle UNDER $10.. This is not a drill.

This weeks pick will be this French red blend. I’ve always been a huge advocate of red blends. You get the best of 6 worlds. Yes, 6. BOLD, FRUIT FORWARD, SLIGHTLY TANNIC, REFRESHING, SPICY, and COMPLEX. Maybe this sounds like your average joe red wine, but it is certainly not. Your average red may have 3 of these characteristics, but blends tend to have little bits of all 6. Red blends are great to give as gifts, to cook with, or to drink when you’re just not really in the mood for anything in particular. This was also a great vintage for the price. A 2016 is going to have a bit more mouthfeel and a bit more complexity than a more youthful vintage. And when it comes to reds, except for a light Pinot Noir, you want that.

Now this bottle is extra special because it is also French. Y’all know how I’m a French wine snob. French wines tend to have more light and drinkable feel over Italian or Californian varietals. This bottle could easily be chugged in one sitting.

Another great thing about this wine – it is from Trader Joe’s. I am a HUGE fan of Trader Joe’s wine selection, and TBH the majority of my under $10 wine Wednesday picks will most likely be from the TJ imports section. What can I say.. They really nailed it. I would LOVE to meet Trader Joe’s wine buyer or in house Sommelier. If you’re reading this, HIT ME UP! I have some words of glory for you.

You can find this bottle at most Trader Joe’s locations for a steal of a price that is $6.99. Lordy, Lordy.. Get on this folks.


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