I am thrilled to be working with BRAND ITALIA to bring you my top wines for this holiday season.

I love a wine with a history. And Trifula wines strike charm with their story.

Hailing from Piemonte, Trifula is rightly named after a dog who comes from this very region. Trifula lived amongst the vineyards and gained recognition for finding a genuine white truffle that was sold for $1,000,000 at the world famous truffle festival of Alba.. After bringing his region honor and joy, as well as being known as the ‘million dollar dog’, the Piemonte winery named 2 of their wines after the pup. And not only are the labels some of the cutest, the wines are also extraordinary!

For our Piemonte Doc Rosso you will detect tasting notes of the darkest berries with a hint of floral delicately enhancing it’s rich flavor. Harmonious structure, full body, and slight tannin make this red the perfect pairing for any pizza, pasta, or truffled dish.

The Piemonte Doc Bianco is a young and fruit forward wine that is dry to your initial taste, then wrapped in fresh and delicate citrus that lingers on the palate. This wine is perfect sipped poolside on ice, or paired with any poultry or fish dish.

Trifula wines can be found for around $15 per bottle.


Up next on our Italian wine binge, Ricossa Gavi DOCG Cortese. Hailing from the Piemonte region again, Ricossa is a delicate floral white wine with herbal and citrus notes. High acidity with a pleasant complexity, this wine is suitable for all seasons and best paired with vegetables, white meats, and fish.

Ricossa Gavi can be found for around $15 per bottle.



Finally, we have to finish things off with a big, holiday red. An Italian staple, serving up nothing but jolly and cheer, this Barbera does all Italian wine lovers proud with rich berry, homemade jam, and earthy notes. Starting with a soft, somewhat sweet flavor, and finishing with some ripe acidity, middled out by smooth tannins, Barbera’s are famous for their nice structure and pleasant finish. The perfect pairing for your charcuterie appetizer, gamey meats, as well as savory cuisine like asian BBQ.

Ricossa Barbera can be found for around $21 per bottle.


Italian wines make for the ultimate rich and festive wine to bring to any holiday event this year. Enjoy these bottles curled up with a Christmas movie, as a gift for your boss or in-laws, or even paired with your Christmas Eve dinner. 



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