Like every wine region, Temecula Valley must have a signature grape varietal. New Zealand has Sauvignon Blanc. Oregon and Pinot Noir. Napa Valley and Cabernet Sauvignon. Argentina and Malbec. All famous wine regions seem to have their prominent grape counterpart.

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Argued amongst wine makers is WHICH grape out-shines the others. The Syrah’s have received countless awards, as well as Sangiovese is consistently ranked top-scoring. There is also the beautiful and aromatic Viognier that several of Temecula’s best wineries are famous for. As well as bright and savory Cabernet Franc! What makes Temecula Valley able to achieve so many top notch varietals?

The glorious mediterranean climate of Temecula Valley allows many wine grapes to develop their individual complexity in flavors and aromas. With the hints of sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean, flavors are incredibly unique and distinct in Temecula Valley’s wine. This specific climate alone allows several diverse grape varietals to flourish, therefore allowing the winemakers to become more experimental with several grape varieties. Temecula Valley truly has a A-Z grape growing ability from Arneis to Zinfandel; the main reason Temecula Valley has landed on the global wine map.

Major wine production regions with a Mediterranean climate include Tuscany, parts of Southern Italy, Southern Rhone Valley, Provence, Greece, many parts of Spain, Southern Oregon, Baja California, Napa Valley, and of course, Temecula Valley. These are many of the main regions that come to mind when we are thinking of premium wine and travel destinations. What makes Temecula stand out amongst these terroir super stars are the long, sunny days that allow grapes to ripen and develop the sugars that will ultimately turn the grapes into wine! There are also maritime influences which give Temecula that unique-ness that we all can appreciate. Being only 22 miles from the Pacific ocean allows the region to receive a cooler and heavier air which gives ideal conditions for wine grapes to develop complex flavors and aromas, while still retaining pleasant balance and freshness, as well as desired acidity levels.

Along with Temecula Valley being unique and ideal for wine growing, it is also the ultimate vacation destination! With virtually year-round sunny days, light precipitation, cool nights, and a gorgeous 72 degree average, Temecula Valley truly embodies a relaxed and enchanting Southern California energy.

Look at it this way: year-round sunshine, warm to moderate temperatures, chilly evenings, little rainfall, salty ocean breezes, along with top-quality wine and wine tasting experiences! Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a dream vacation, Temecula Valley should be added to the top of your list of wine destinations to visit.







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