Wine and sushi.. 2 of my absolute favorite things, but a trickier pairing than you might imagine. Let’s break down the fishy to the fried, and their perfect wine match.

When it comes to pairing with with sushi, it’s not always the easiest pick from the menu. From nigiri to tempura, there are a lot of different flavors you  need to consider when choosing the perfect bottle.

Luckily for you, I have taken it upon myself to find an overall winner to pair with even the fishiest of rolls, as well as my favorite fried options.

It was certainly a process, and ended with a morning headache and extra cup of tea, but that’s why you can trust us here at Pourstyles. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

First and foremost, before we announce the winner, let’s break down the sushi types and appropriate wine styles to compliment.

+ For a super fishy tasting fish, try a high acid and dry white wine to smooth out the bitter taste.

+ For a fatty or oily fish, a tart and high acid white wine is going to pair well.

+ For a milder sushi, like a rainbow roll, a light bodied white wine with hardly any acid or dryness will be best.

+ For your fried rolls and tempura, you can find a mild tannin and berry forward wine to pair.

So which varietal was the overall winner?

PICPOUL! This dry, tart, and high acid white wine will cut through the bitter taste of the oiliest of fish, as well as compliment something as simple and fresh as a California roll.


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