For the drowsy in designer girl stunting a gaunt in Gucci flair.
For the starry eyed muse styled with moonlight in mind.
For the couture addict with a need for chic comfort…I present your new obsession – Paglama’s.

arielle meads

I have died and gone to heaven. Seriously! There is nothing I enjoy more than comfy clothes. I will wear glam attire until the day I die but if it’s uncomfortable, I’m not sold. There is a designer here in San Diego by the name of Jennafer Grace Carter who has designed something I literally feel like is made for me. PA-GLAM-AS. Get it? Like, pajama’s but the glam kind. Wearable pajama’s with incredibly chic prints and high-end fabrics. Throw on some stiletto’s and layered jewels and you’ve got a LOOK.

arielle meads

I am lucky enough to call Jennafer one of my close friends and let me tell you, she is just as chic and genius in real life as you are picturing she must be. Jennafer is a true San Diego local, born and raised. With a funky eye and background in fashion, Jennafer’s designs are inspired with eclectic muses in mind. Jennafer creates several unique and quality pieces like jackets, dresses, head-ware, you name it! All of Jennafer’s pieces are handmade out of San Diego with hand selected textiles all sourced out of Southern California. And of course, many of her handmade pieces can be found at my all time favorite store in the world – Le Belage Boutique.

arielle meads

She is constantly coming out with new prints and styles. She is one of San Diego’s hidden genius’ and I am probably her biggest fan. If you are interested in lurking Jennafer’s creations, check her out here. And if you are local, swing by Le Belage and tell them Arielle sent you!


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