Today I am spilling my secrets when it comes to all things BEAUTY. It’s a little different than my usual wine + style posts, but I figured why not! My readers like to look pretty & smell good, right?!

arielle meads

1.) Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – Not only does this smell like actual watermelon candy, but it makes your skin the softest, plumpest, juiciest skin in all the land. I hate waking up with even slightly dry skin, and even if I’m dehydrated or maybe had 1 too many glasses of wine the night before, I still always wake up looking fresh and hydrated with this stuff. The consistency is almost like a watery jello and it sinks in SO fast, which is great because I can pass out directly after applying it.

2.) IT CC Cream – I need a foundation that feels lightweight, but has a fuller coverage. This is the BEST I have found in terms of covering up what I need it to cover up, (aka acne scarring + dark circles) and it feels just like a tinted moisturizer. I love this stuff and I wear it pretty much daily with no powder or concealer.

3.) Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub – I am acne prone. Severely. Even in my late 20’s I still get break outs more often than I’d care to admit. I NEED to use a face wash that has acne fighting powers in it and this has been my favorite one I’ve found. It has salicylic acid which makes you feel so squeaky clean, but I also love the exfoliating properties to it. It is creamy and hydrating which is rare for an acne cleanser and it truly keeps my skin super clear.

4.) OUAI Dry Shampoo – If you haven’t smelled the Ouai products, do it immediately. I have almost everything in the hair line, simply for the floral scent. But their dry shampoo is a God send in terms of soaking up oil and making your hair smell like you just  got back from the salon.

5.) L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – Best. Mascara. Ever. People constantly ask me if I am wearing false lashes and I 100% attribute it to this stuff. If you like long, spidery lashes, try this mascara.

6.) Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm – I get super chapped lips throughout the day so I apply lip balm like a maniac. I have been looking for something equally hydrating with the prettiest, long lasting tint and this is it. In love with this stuff. It will always end up in my hand bag. It’s great too because it’s always in the check out line at Sephora so I just stock up whenever I’m there!

7.) Dior Addict Perfume – The perfume that people say “smells like Arielle Meads!” because I’ve literally been wearing it since high school. I will never smell like anything else, period.

8.) Rose Water Mist – I’m not incredibly picky on the brand. I just love the hydrating and cleansing feeling of rose mist all over my face. The best thing for freshening up make up, or cooling off after a work out. I always have the stuff in my handbag.

9.) Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash – This body wash is $3.99 and can probably be found at a gas station, but I am IN LOVE with it. It smells like caramel cinnamon cookies and has tiny exfoliating beads that make you feel softer than EVER. Try it, love it, save your money on all those bougie washes.

10.) Soap & Glory Righteous Butter – You Guys. Do you  like smelling like an angel and having newborn baby skin? This. Will. Give. You. That. Result. Can’t say enough good things about the stuff.

Share in the comments! What are your ride or dies? xox, Arielle.


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