When is TOO MUCH, TOO MUCH when it comes to style? Pink on pink? Pink on red? Navy and black? All these fashion ‘faux pas’ end up being trends that I 100% BELIEVE you can rock. Just gotta do it right.

arielle meads

You know what they say in like, elementary school..COMPLIMENTARY COLORS STICK TOGETHER! I’m literally so bored I may actually be dead.

arielle meads

I think people always think I’m so stylish and so unique because I DON’T CARE. I don’t follow rules. I like what I like. Personal style is exactly what it says, PERSONAL. You want to wear an entire pink outfit with all pink accessories? Do it. BUT throw some neutrals in there. KEY. If you are going to go bold, you gotta tone down certain aspects of the look. PICK WHAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO NOTICE and tone down the rest. For me, it was all about the dress, turban, and statement necklace. So shoes + bag BROWN. So the look is still A LOT, but not too much. Because of the warm brown. This could work with any color scheme. Red, add silver. Black, add HOT PINK or ELECTRIC BLUE. Yellow, add a muted orange. Purple, gold. I could go on for days. Pick the bold color, and tone that shit down with some neutrals.

arielle meads

What do you think about the MORE IS MORE trend? Yay or nay? Let’s chat about it! x Arielle


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