What a truly scary time to be a small business owner. Here are some small things we can all do to make it out of Covid-19 alive and strong.

Support Local Businesses

Small businesses who normally operate on small margins need our help. Our community needs support now more than ever to make it out on the other side. Instead of making a Target or Walmart run, consider a local service instead. The big names will make it out of all this alive. It’s the little guys who shape our community we need to worry about.

Call your favorite local restaurant for pick up/delivery options

Many restaurants and even wineries/bars have adjusted to offering pick up or delivery. Before getting another frozen dinner from Costco, consider giving your favorite restaurant a call. They need the business, and it will make us all feel a little more normal when supporting our local Friday night joint.

Consider buying a gift card

Whether it’s to your favorite boutique, restaurant, or local service, buying a gift card to use at a later date could do wonders in holding businesses over for the next few weeks of going dark.

Shop online

Many of our favorite local shops are also online or shoppable by Instagram! Check their website or send a DM for a specific item you have seen on their feed.

Consider a donation

Many events and shows have been cancelled. Consider a donating your ticket price instead of asking for a refund! Artists and organizations rely on ticket sales to keep up and running.

Check in on each other

A lot of us are struggling with anxiety, uncertainty, and loneliness in isolation. Many of us have lost our sources of income completely, which causes incredible stress. Many rely on social outings and routine to remain happy and calm. Be kind and check in on your loved ones. FaceTime dates are a great way to stay connected and look forward to normalcy in your day.

Take care of yourself

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do that you’ve never had time for? Start now! Create. Read. Breathe. Love. Appreciate the simple things in life. Stop scrolling and go for a walk. Organize your closet. Clean out your fridge. Take a bubble bath. Really listen to music. Pay attention to your health. Remember, we are all in this together. We, as a society, need each other to get out of this happy and healthy. Everything is going to be OK.




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