Short answer, no. Thanks a lot, Cameron.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the wine-making method after Cameron Diaz shamed wine drinkers everywhere into thinking that the wine they are drinking is ‘dirty’ and we should all buy hers because it’s ‘clean’. That’s cute, Cameron. I took a dive into her brand, Avaline, and it is in fact clean. Kudos! But that doesn’t mean all wine besides hers is dirty and that her method of clean wine making is revolutionary. Diaz states that she always feels ‘ill’ after her second glass of wine and after a bit of research – haha – she realized that ALL the wines she has been drinking over the years have 70+ additives, chemicals, and pesticides. Girl, seriously? You couldn’t find a natural, organic, biodynamic, or sustainable wine in LA of all places?? Pretty sure I have at a West Hollywood gas station but, K.

The fact of the matter is, she is wrong. Wineries have strict regulations to not add sugar to any wines, which is what most people resort to for their next day headaches. Hate to break it to you but that headache is from alcohol and dehydration, friends. Most ‘additives’ in wine are enzymes or tannin enhancers to aid in the fermentation process and are 100% natural and safe to consume. Diaz believes that wine should be made from only organic grapes with non-synthetic pesticides involved, which is actually the NORM in most ethical wine making. Stay away from your ‘fast food wines’ as I call them – big industry labels or mega cheap wine – and look for small, family labels. Synthetic pesticides are simply not allowed in thousands of wineries and for the most part, unless you are drinking 2 buck chuck, you are probably drinking a clean wine.

Wine is like all pleasures in life – if you indulge too much, you won’t feel great. Always shop small, support family owned wineries, and do a bit of research. You are most likely drinking clean and sustainable wines. And if you’re still nervous, go for biodynamic, natural, and organic wines. You can find these at most health stores and wine boutiques and these are a sure fire way to get the healthiest and cleanest options out there.


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