Here at Pourstyles, we believe in equality and justice for ALL.

Our country is torn right now.. all in the name of equality. I typically keep ‘political’ opinions far away from Pourstyles but since this is in fact a basic human rights issue, it’s time to use my platform for good. But don’t worry, wine will still be involved.

Being a white woman born in privilege, it has been difficult for others, like me, to get our point of action across. We cannot relate, but we want to stand and fight for the greater good of ALL colors of this country. It got me thinking.. it’s simply not enough to post something on Instagram and call it a day. How can we really HELP our black sisters and brothers? How can we do better? How can we incite real and permanent change?

Let’s take a dive into the beautiful world of the wine industry, shall we? The wine industry is primarily white, wealthy, and male. Not being callous.. just telling the God honest truth. When I first decided I wanted a career in the wine industry, I was told by my peers how hard it is for a woman to break through. Imagine being a woman of color. Or POC in general! Luckily for us, passion isn’t ever swayed by ‘being too hard’. Wine people are artists. And artists are tough as F*CK. We don’t really take the words ‘you can’t’ to heart.

Today I want to share the wine labels, wineries, and wine makers whom we should all be supporting right now. Our Black wine comrades. It is not enough to sit around and wait for change. We need to actively support our black business owners and artists until we are ALL equal. Let’s get started.

  1. Abbey Creek Wine – Abbey Creek is known as the ‘hip-hop winery’ in North Plains, Oregon. If that doesn’t make you seriously want to check it out, here’s a little bit more info. Abbey Creek plants, crushes and ferments their own grapes, as well as bottles their wine right in house. They call it a ‘earth to grass winery’ because that is literally what happens. Music, wine tasting, and supporting a small, black-owned winery? Count me in.
  2. McBride Sisters Wine Collection – I’ve been following the McBride Sisters on Instagram for quite some time now. Both raised in separate wine regions, Monterey and Marlborough, they have collaborated together to bring a variety of wines including Black Girl Magic California Riesling and Black Girl Magic California Rosé. A fun brand to follow, and certainly a tasty brand to sip on.
  3. Maison Noir – Andre Hueston Mack is not only one of the few black Sommelier’s, but also a wine maker and restaurant owner. His resume really doesn’t quit. #goals. He puts a creative spin on wine making with food being an important focus behind the meaning of wine.

  •  Vision Cellars – Being in the handful of black winemakers and owners, Vision Cellars specializes in their Burgundy inspired Pinot Noir’s. Mac Macdonald was born to a Moonshine maker in Texas and since then has brought his passion to Windsor, California where you can taste in house or grab your Pinot’s to go.
  • Davidson Wine Co. – Davidson Wine Co. is owned and operated by Lindsey Williams, hey girl hey!, and her passion is to bring affordable wines to the first ever urban winery in Davidson, North Carolina. Keep killing it, mama!

Remember, we are all in this together. Our wine community needs to come to together to take a step towards systematic racism in the US and lift up our black wine makers and owners to ensure that this community along with this country stays as vibrant, colorful, and thriving as it can be. I hope you’ll take a pledge with me and together we can enforce change.




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