Holiday Gift Guide – For the Wino in your life.

Christmas is practically here, and I have I done any shopping? For me, of course! For my friends and family, nope. I like to make myself sweat bullets and do ALL of it a day or 2 before Christmas Eve. Keeps me on my toes. Today I am breaking down my favorite gifts to gift that glamorous wino in your life.


Wine Stoppers

Whether you need stocking stuffers, or some gift add-on ideas, wine stoppers are GREAT for the wino who always has a open bottle of wine on their kitchen counter. I know I like to switch mine up daily, depending on the seasons. It gives a fun and cute little decoration to your bottle of wine, and who doesn’t love that!? This is also great if you are on a tight budget because you can find some super inexpensive wine stoppers at normal places like Target, Michael’s, and even Von’s! 

Wine Sleeve

Have you seen those super cute, fluffy wine sleeves that look like Christmas stockings that have been popping up left and right?! They are SO cute. If you are gifting a bottle of wine to your wino this Christmas, ( great idea always ) give it some pizazz with a fuzzy little wine sleeve! Cutest. Gift. Ever.

Outdoor Wine Glasses

These are amazing for anyone who has a jacuzzi ( *cough cough* me as of December 1st ) no glass,  no problem. And an actual wine glass that is cute to take pictures with, important, and won’t ever break or get you a hefty ticket on the beach! Love an engineer that makes getting tipsy safer and more accessible.

Wine Books

Anyone who is into wine at ALL is into learning as much as possible about it. Why did I go to wine school? Oh, to impress everyone at the fancy steak house on what French white wine varietal pairs best with your $46 salmon, of course. There are so many great wine books out there right now, and us wino’s want them all.


Gift Cards

Wine is expensive, people. Get us a gift card to a fancy schmancy restaurant, Bevmo, or even Trader Joe’s! We will be eternally grateful. 

You can get creative with the proper wino! Do they want something cute? Something intelligent? Or simply something that will help them get drunk? The options are out there, and they are endless. You’re a wino if you’re here, obv. What would be your favorite gift to receive? Let’s chat. xx, Arielle



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