Holiday Gift Guide – For the Fashionista in your life.

I know what you’re thinking: NEVER buy clothes for the girl who is this extra about what she wears. Wrong. Buy us things!


My Dad, my boyfriend, my friends all say “ain’t NO WAY I’m buying you any clothes. First of all, you don’t need any. ( L O L ) and second of all, I would completely fuck up and get you something you would never wear.”

Well my friends, I am breaking down some KILLER gifts to get a super fashionista.


Simple, yeah? The bigger the better. Earrings are one of those things that you can pretty much find anywhere, and you pretty much can’t go wrong. Statement earrings aren’t the entire outfit, so pressure is off. We will find a place to wear them, trust.


Is that weird? I fucking LOVE socks. Especially crazy patterned socks. Wearing a cropped pant with some chic socks poking through? GOODBYE. That is chic. Plus, even the most clueless person in the world can pick out some cute polka dotted socks, am I right?


I always say, every woman needs a stick of red lipstick in her handbag at ALL times. I’m so serious. COUNTLESS times I have gotten roped into last minute wine plans while I’m wearing zero makeup and sweat pants ( ok, just kidding about the sweat pants ) but for real, red lipstick will save your life by making you look like a put together mess! Rather than just a regular mess. Us fashion girls love a bold lip and you can find that shit at CVS. Bottle of bubbly and a Revlon stick? We happy.

Mani/Pedi giftcard

DO IT. My nails need to be burgundy at all times or I feel naked. A gift card for a mani/pedi will woo us in such serious ways.

What do you think Fashionista’s? Did I nail it? xx, Arielle





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  1. December 9, 2019 / 2:32 AM

    Nice Dress and this dress looks beautiful

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