It’s been almost a full year and we are still home-bound. Sweat suits are the new hot trend and I am here for it. But, let’s take these cozies and dress them up a bit, shall we? We’re talking all about how to CHIC-UP your loungewear.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I am a huge advocate for PJ’s, robes, and cozy tracksuits as wearable fashion. Even before the pandemic, you would often times see me at a fabulous hotel bar in West Hollywood rocking what looks like an innately patterned pair of literal pajama’s. I’m not playing around when it comes to loungewear, and if this intrigues you, make sure you check out my Instagram for proof.

Since my closet is filled to the brim with clothes that could pass for your Grandmother’s sexiest bed-wear, you can trust me to know a thing or two about how to lounge and be absolutely glamorous at the same time.

Let’s start with my favorite – Robes and Dusters.

One item that I simply will never stop buying are velvet robes and unique duster coats. Think Hugh Hefner in his iconic red velvet robe, drinking a martini and smoking a cigar surrounded by stunning women. This is who I aspire to be, fashion wise. Robes and dusters are incredibly easy to chic-up an outfit, which is why they are my favorite. Worn over a simple black dress turns boring to bewitching and you are ready for a night out feeling cozier than ever before. Throwing a duster coat over jeans and a band T paired with heels is a great way to embody all of our Rachel Zoe goals. They are an item I purchase time and time again, because they truly are magic. My absolute favorite dusters and robes come from Johnny Was, Jennafer Grace, and Chateau Bel Age.

Next up is Pajama’s. 

The trick to wearing pajama’s as real life clothing is finding PJ’s with a flattering shape. If you know me at all you know that my obsession with the Paglama’s by Jennafer Grace are a real life addiction. At this point I own 10 in my collection of unreal prints and fabrics. They are fabulous and always my go-to when feeling uninspired to create a put together look. The reason I love hers specifically so much is the shape they give. With a kimono-inspired top with ties to tighten around your waist, and a slim pant, these PJ’s are as flattering as they are comfortable. I wear a pair at least once a week and always get several compliments.. as well as some stares. They certainly aren’t for everyone, but does it look like I care what people think? I even recall an ex-boyfriend bashing on me wearing these incredible pieces.. but we certainly do not dress for men and his insults honestly inspired me to wear them even more often. Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me, honey. The key to these chic sets are accessorize to create the full look. Headbands, heels, and necklaces will wow your open minded audience and leave you feeling like you can crawl straight into bed after the ball. Go on Cinderella and get yourself a pair! And tell Jen that Arielle sent you. 🙂

Finally, tracksuits.

Probably my favorite fashion trend to come from 2020 was the tracksuit trend. I adore matching head to toe and if they are sweats, even better. I have maybe.. 30 sweat suits and I wear them every day. Luckily they are so trendy right now you shouldn’t be at all worried to leave your house in a cute matching set! Add some sneakers and huge earrings, and don’t forget a pop of color on your handbag and you are good to go. These sets can run super inexpensive and are easy to throw on and go for the day. Coming from a dance background, I always remember the cool older girls in my hip hop classes that had the best sweats and because of their inspiration I always feel put together. So I say F*CK it and rock the Nikes + Hoops with a baggy hoodie. You’ll feel cool, and comfy. I urge you to try it out. My best tracksuits come from By Samii Ryan, BooHoo Man, and PacSun.

How do you feel about loungewear? A fan or just striking up the courage? 

Make sure you follow me on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration, and thanks for joining me on my journey to find fabulous-ness in every day!


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