BOURGOGNE – The badass in the Pinot Noir family.

If it ain’t French, it ain’t sh*t.


Ok, not really. You KNOW I am obsessed with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. But after drinking this insane bottle of Bourgogne the other night, it’s my new fave by FAR. Besides, Pinot Noir was discovered among Burgundy.. so they know what they are doing.

Bourgogne is actually a region. They create lots of fantastic vintages like White Burgundy ( French Chardonnay ), Burgundy Rouge ( what we’re talking about right now ), Chablis, and many more! The French KILL IT when it comes to light bodied, low acid, low tannin wines, and Bourgogne Pinot Noir is no different. I chose a 2016 vintage which, for Pinot Noir from France, is usually a good call. My faves for Pinot Noir from France is 2014 or 2016. Burgundy Pinot Noir showcases the same notes as any other Pinot Noir, except smoother, cleaner, and, sorry, better. It’s that terroir, man. Can’t beat that French soil! The biggest thing my level 2 palate discovers with a Bourgogne is EARTH. Dirty, grassy, delicious earth. Then come hints of bitter plum, light honeysuckle, and a smokey finish. It is INSANE y’all.

I brought this bottle with me to a dinner party of wine snobs who have wine tasted pretty much every region wine is produced and needless to say.. they were shook. We chugged the bottle in under 10 minutes. When label reading, you can uuuusually nail it based on vintage and region, and this wine NAILED IT. If you want to be real fancy, act like a true Sommelier, and also drink killer wine, I highly recommend doing your research and picking up a bottle of Bourgogne for your next dinner party. Also! I found this bottle for under $30. This is POURSTYLES for a reason, friends. Find a boutique wine shop, call ahead, check their pricing, and buy a case. Trust and believe.




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