Booze Club Wine of the Month – November.


You know how Oprah does this book of the month deal? Yeah, huge fan. Love it. Great idea. I fucking love Oprah. Because Oprah is life, I’ve decided to somewhat steal her idea by creating a bougie on a budget version of WINE OF THE MONTH here on Pourstyles. EVERY MONTH I will choose my favorite UNDER $20 bottle of wine to share with y’all. Like a book club, but with booze. A booze club? Yeah, let’s go with that.

November is a little bit tricky to kick this off because we have the HOLIDAY to consider. Aka, the perfect wine pairing to stuffing our face full of every carb Thanksgiving has to offer, am I right!? We also have weather to take note of. It’s chilly, so we want something that can warm us up. Fear not, pour people. I have been chugging something that I think your taste buds and your wallets can appreciate. Drum roll please..

You know I love an Oregon Pinot Noir. This 2014 Pinot opens with rich notes of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, tobacco, wet earth, and the most prominent, CRANBERRY. Hey, Thanksgiving, I see you! It is beautifully balanced between richness and brightness with hints of rose and honey. This Pinot delivers a rich acidity with ripe tannins and just a touch of minerality. It finishes with a touch of cinnamon spice giving it a greater complexity. It’s aging life is 3-5 years and will pair perfectly with potatoes, turkey, and stuffing. Hint, hint.. bring this to Thanksgiving and astound the biggest wine snob, besides you, at the party. And the price? $14.99 ! Thank you so much.

What do you feel about Oregon Pinot Noir?! Share your thoughts in the comments.

I hope you try this wine and make sure you let me know what you think! xox – Arielle





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