Ready to impress even your snobbiest of wine snob friends? Enter, Vouvray – ‘voo-vray.’ ? This is going to be your new BFF when pairing with olive oil, creamy cheeses, chicken, lemon, etc. ?Vouvray is made from Chenin Blanc grapes and depending on region in it can be dry or sweet. But, regardless of terroir, you can count on Vouvray to be FLORAL AF as well as TART. ? Green apple is what you’re tasting when you detect that tartness, and honeysuckle is going to be your sweetness. ? You should also always detect GINGER which is really gonna distinctify your Vouvray apart from any other sour + sweet white wine. Drink Vouvray with sushi, trust. ?

You can score some Vouvray for under $20, like this one which is from @traderjoes because y’all KNOW that is what I’m all about. Where my bougie on a budget peeps at!? ? #winewednesday

DON’T FORGET VINTAGE! Most of your Vouvray you stumble upon will most likely be from the Loire Valley or South Africa. Don’t look for anything over 5 years old. Don’t age this wine, chug it. On a patio, wearing a bikini. ?

WHAT DID WE LEARN? ? Vouvray can be DRY or SWEET depending on terroir. Vouvray is TART and SWEET and always FLORAL and AROMATIC. Key notes are GREEN APPLE, HONEYSUCKLE, and GINGER. Pair Vouvray with white meats, creamy cheeses, and SUSHI. And don’t keep this wine in your cellar. ✔️

HAVE YOU TRIED VOUVRAY? Let’s nerd out in the comments. ? CHEERS!


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