My name is Arielle De Fatta and I am a WSET certified wine professional specializing in marketing, journalism, and events based in San Diego, CA.

While currently working as a marketing consultant for several fashion brands + wineries world wide, as well as hosting my own wine tasting events here in San Diego, I am bringing my expertise and fun approach to wine and fashion here for YOU to enjoy! Within my constant wine studying, wine drinking, & wine hosting, my brand Pourstyles was born!

With a successful career as a professional ballerina since 2008, I recently started searching for new passions as I head into my 30’s. Two of my biggest interests have always been wine and fashion, but I know how intimidating both communities can be when you’re on a budget (like me.) So, I created POURSTYLES – a blog all about drinking wine + dressing up for ‘pour’ people. I’ve pretty much mastered the art of being bougie on a budget and I’m here to share my tips & tricks with you! Join me in the journey to learn, create, and drink some damn good Vino.♡

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To inquire about a Pourstyles hosted event, shoot us an email! pourstyles@gmail.com

I’d love to see what you’re wearing + pouring! Use the hashtag #pourstyles to connect with fellow pour stylists.